Agri-Camping: 6 large plots located in a panoramic position, close to drinking water, electricity. In the main building there are 2 toilets and washing machine to complete the laundry.


una delle piazzole


Educational activities: the owner and his family offer educational activities / environmental education within the company or outside. Through fun activities and direct experiences we will introduce your children to the environment of the Apennines, the interactions between living creatures that inhabit it, the cultural traditions of the farms, etc..

attività con gli asini


The dogs of our guests can use a fenced area to run and have fun.

Our agricultural and tourism activities are embedded in the surrounding environment with the least impact possible in consideration of sustainable development.


The company uses a system for re-using water. The water can be purified once again for all uses other than drinking. The system therefore allows for great reduction of waste.


The company set up a plant for co-generation of heat formed by 6 solar panels, a wood-burning boiler of about 29 kW, two tanks of about 1000 liters each, and a Honeywell control unit that manages the system response to external data. The rooms are heated with radiant floors. The solar panels provide an anti-freeze action in winter and in summer they allow to get hot water without activating the boiler.
Visit the sections “excursions”, “activities with schools” of our website for examples, or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   us to ask us to arrange an activity to suit your needs.