The company offers its expertise to schools for educational activities \ environmental education in a wonderful outdoor classroom with the help of environmental guides.

1. The forest - to know the forest, its inhabitants and the bonds that unite the relationship with man.

1.1. Living in the woods - for adults (end of medium, high schools)

1.2. The tale of the Forest - a treasure hunt for kids (kindergarten, elementary media)

 2. The landscape - we investigate how the landscape has changed, the interventions that changed it, the links with social and historical change

3. Mama look! a chicken! (Animal Farm) - the common life of man and animal farm

4. Lets make the bread - from grain to loaf through the woods, animals and trees to make one of the most important food

A farm school in the morning, visit the animals (eggs, milk), the olive grove (oil), the forest (wood), the field (grain)

5. Small farmers - to understand how a farm work lets share the life of a farm